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NEEPU Longzhou Teams achieve great success in China Longzhou Tournament

China Longzhou Tournament (CLZT), sponsored by General Administration of Sports of China, CCTV-5, Chinese Longzhou Association, represents the highest grade national longzhou events with the largest scale. In 2016, NEEPU LongzhouTeams attended five events including the finals and won 20 champions, 13 runners-ups and 1 second runners-up.

The CLZT Finals (Lingshui, Hainan) is the final game of the Tournament in 2016. NEEPU Longzhou Teams attended youth men’s and women’s contests. NEEPU Men’s Longzhou Team won in the 100M, 200M, 500M and successfully retained the CLZT Finals champion after 2-day fierce competition. NEEPU Women’s Longzhou Team won runners-up in the 200M, second runners-up in the 500M and put them in the ranks of the top four.

Youth longzhou contests were added into the China LongzhouTournament in 2014. NEEPU Men’s Longzhou Team won respectively the CLZT Finals champions in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Women’s LongzhouTeam won one champion and one runners-up in the CLZT Finals.


President Cai Guowei meets the University of Strathclyde Delegation

On November 7th, Professor Stephen Lo, Vice Dean for international affairs of School of Engineering at University of Strathclyde, came to Northeast Electric Power University (NEEPU) with his visiting delegation. NEEPU President Cai Guowei met the guests at Academic Center. The heads of International Office and the schools concerned attended the meeting. 

At the meeting, President Cai extended a warm welcome to Professor Stephen Lo for the visit to Northeast Electric Power Univeristy. He expressed his gratitude towards the support Professor Stephen Lo has persistently given to NEEPU and appreciated significant progress in educational collaboration between the universities. He said that NEEPU had been making great efforts to promote its development of education internationalization and would push for in-depth exchange and cooperation in the fields of civil engineering, thermal energy and power engineering, economics and management. He hoped that new progress will be made in mutual cooperation on graduate education and construction of international joint laboratories.

Professor Stephen Lo hoped that his visit will further strengthen cooperative educational program on Electrical Engineering and Its Automation and develop new cooperative programs in the field of civil engineering, thermal energy and power engineering. He said that a solid foundation has been built between two universities for over ten years, the cooperative programs has developed smoothly and mutual cooperation and exchange has enjoyed smooth and stability. He spoke very highly of  NEEPU students and scholars who are studying at the University of Strathclyde, and hoped that more students and teachers can further their study in the U.K.

After the talk, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, School of Civil Engineering and School of Economics and management held separate work meetings with the delegation members, and they further discussed related issues about the cooperative programs. After the meetings, Professor Stephen Lo and his colleagues separately gave presentations about study at the Strathclyde.

(The other members of the delegation are Professor Ian Wooton, head of Department of Economics of Strathclyde Business School; Alexander Galloway, Professor of Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Rebecca Lunn, Professor of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Dr. David Harle, Senior Lecturer of Department of  Electronic and Electrical Engineering and Dr. Yang Shangtong, Lecturer of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)


Mr. Liu Yuzhu, Administrator of State of administration of Cultural Heritage visits the Stone Buildings

September 12th, a four-person delegation, led by Liu Yuzhu, Administrator of State of administration of Cultural Heritage in company of Ma Shaohong, Director of Department of Culture of Jilin Province, came to Northeast Electric Power University and visited the Stone Buildings-Important Cultural Relic Sites under state-level protection. Chairperson Li Guoqing, Vice President Li Chen met Mr. Mr. Liu Yuzhu and accompanied the delegation to the Stone buildings.

During the visit, Chairperson Li Guoqing briefed Administrator Liu Yuzhu on the Stone Buildings in aspects of historical background, cultural values, architectural features and routine maintenance work and repairs accomplished by the University. After a better understanding of the Stone Buildings’ situations, Administrator Liu Yuzhu stressed the historical and cultural value of the Stone Buildings and fully acknowledged the protection work done by Northeast Electric Power University. 

NEEPU wins the first project sponsored by National Science and Technology Academic Works Publication Fund

Recently, Ministry of Science and Technology of China released the annual list of projects sponsored by National Science and Technology Academic Works Publication Fund on its website. The Book, Theories and Methods for Power System Transmission Capability, written by Professor Li Guoqing, was successfully selected. It is the first time that NEEPU wins the project sponsored by the Fund.

Approved by the State Council, Ministry of Science and Technology established National Science and Technology Academic Works Publication Fund in 1997. According to the guidelines of the fund, the fund aims to provide support to for publishing outstanding academic works in the fields of science and technology. The support will be focused on the projects for national research programs and fundamental, prospective and strategic projects in the key research areas. A total of 176 projects won the Fund’s support in 2016.

The book, Theories and Methods for Power System Transmission Capability, which is not only the accumulation of research results obtained by Professor Li Guoqing and his research group in the fields of Power System Transmission Capability over the past 17 years, but also the first academic work in the research areas of power system transmission capability in China and abroad. The publication of the work is significant to the research, development and application in aspect of interconnected power grids transmission capability in China.

Performance by College Student Art Group of NEDU Ends Successfully

On June 7 evening, special performance by Diansheng band was held at the university hall with thousands of teachers and students as audience, which is the last part of 2016 Performance by College Student Art Group of NEDU.                                                

2016 Performance by College Student Art Group of NEDU lasts for one month, including six special performances, which are chorus, dance, sketch, drama, instrumental music and band special performances.

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