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Opening Ceremony for 2014th International Students Held Successfully at Center for Academic Exchange

The opening ceremony for 2014th international students was held at Center for Academic Exchange on Oct. 12. Vice President Wang Jianguo, directors and deans from related offices and departments, teachers and 2014th international students participated in the ceremony.

Vice President Wang Jianguo delivered a speech. He briefly introduced NEDU to the international students, pointed out that NEDU paid highly attention to international exchange and international students affairs and we would provide satisfactory living and studying conditions.

On behalf of all faculty members of NEDU, Yao Jie from School of Economics and Management gave a speech. She hoped that our international students could have a clear life plan and study hard. Ella represented 2014th international student to give a speech. She said that she valued the opportunity to study in China. She would study hard to become a useful person and become a messenger for international cultural exchange.

NEDU’s international students education started in the 1950s. In 1998, proved by Ministry of Education, NEDU became one of the universities that could recruit self-funded international students. In 2011, NEDU began to accept international students granted with Jilin Government Scholarships. In 2014, NEDU was authorized to recruit Chinese Government Scholarship students.

Delegation Led by Vice Principal Professor Scott John MacGregor of University of Strathclyde Visited NEDU

Delegation led by Vice Principal Professor Scott John MacGregor visited NEDU. Professor Scott John MacGregor met with President Li Guoqing of our university on Oct. 23 and signed the renewed cooperation agreement. 

In order to further develop the cooperation program with University of Strathclyde and to help our students know more of University of Strathclyde, cooperation program presentation was delivered in the evening, Oct. 24, 2014. Vice Principal Professor Scott John MacGregor, Professor Robert William Stewart, Professor Kwok Lun Lo from University of Strathclyde, Han Shumin, director of Office of International Cooperation of NEDU and over 200 students from relevant schools and departments participated.

Professor Robert William Stewart introduced University of Strathclyde from many aspects, such as history, academic structure, international affairs, campuses, accommodation, climate, etc. Meanwhile, on behalf of University of Strathclyde, he welcomed our students to go studying at University of Strathclyde and promised to provide assistance to help them adjust to overseas life as soon as possible. Professor Kwok Lun Lo then provided more details, such as the tuition fees, scholarships and employment situation, etc. and answered various questions from students with patience successively.

2013 International Conference on Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology Organized by NEDU Ended Successfully

2013 International Conference on Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology (REET 2013) was held on Sept. 22nd at Wu Zhou Guo Ji Grand Hotel. Researchers from many higher education institutions at home and abroad have attended the conference. During the conference, great reports have been made, lively discussions have been made and research experiences have been exchanged, which help deepen understanding on renewable energy and environmental technology. The conference was organized by our university, and co-organized by Hong Kong Industrial Technology Research Centre.

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Speech at 2014 Freshmen Opening Ceremony-By Professor Li Guoqing, President of NEDU

Speech at 2014 Freshmen Opening Ceremony
--By Professor Li Guoqing, President of NEDU

Respected teachers, dear 2014th freshmen:

Good morning. We are holding a grand opening ceremony for the 2014th freshmen in this golden September, surrounded by multicolored chrysanthemum and fragment of peaches and plums. 4273 students have stepped onto NEDU campus with visions for the future. I’d like to welcome you on behalf of all teachers and students of NEDU! I can see excitement and happiness in your eyes. I admire you for your hard studying, your diligence and your success in the college entrance examination. I admire your parents and teachers for their excessive hardship and I congratulate them for accomplishing their wishes.

My dear students, the reason why we are holding the opening ceremony in front of the quaint and stately stone buildings is not only because it is designed by a famous architect--Mr. Liang Sicheng, but also because it has witnessed the development of NEDU. It is a reflection of the independent studying and enduring spirit of our university. The implied meaning is that you will inherit and carry forward the spirit of NEDU, taking "become a useful person and contribute to the country” as your lofty ambition, "diligent, rigorous, realistic and creative" as your acting energy, and think seriously about the future, make your study plan carefully, and lay a solid foundation for the development of yourself, the society as well as the country.

1949 is the year when rebuild of the devastated was under way. As the first electric engineering school of New China, Northeast Dianli University came into being. Some praised it as the starting point of China’s higher education in electric power, and some even regarded it as the cradle of advanced specialized personnel in electric power. Looking back at the history of different periods of New China, the mission of Northeast Dianli University has always been closely linked with the needs of the state and nation. NEDU has been providing personnel and intellectual support not only for the country's economic and social development but also for the electric power and energy industries. For 65 years, we have been concerning the country by studying light and energy; for 65 years, we have been enduring great difficulties as pioneer with unyielding belief and courage; for 65 years, we have been on the way of creation and as one of the one hundred key constructing local colleges and universities, we have perfected our education system containing doctoral programs, master’s programs, undergraduate programs and professional training programs; for 65 years, over 100,000 graduates are now working in the fields of energy and electric power across the country whose high aspirations, great efforts and passion have won NEDU wide praise from energy and electric power industry as well as from the society.

Learning the university history is to better inherit our university culture; engraving the university history on your mind is to create a better future. I suppose in order to read through this massive "book" of NEDU, you may need to spend all your university time, or even your lifetime on feeling and experiencing it. From now on, your life journey will be connected closely with NEDU; its heritage needs you to carry forward; its future needs your description. I believe that with the help of constant practice and influence of culture, you will overcome difficulties, perfect yourself, be mature with intelligence and hard work and become the future pride of NEDU.

My dear students, you will be experiencing not only dream, honor, passion and romance, but also frustration, difficulties, temptation or even failure at the university. The meaning of entering college is not only that you have begun your new life journey, but also that you will bear more and bigger responsibilities. As your president, I would like to give you the following two suggestions on how to confront opportunities and challenges in life and how to take full advantage of NEDU and make it serve you and your achievement, just for your reference.

Firstly, self perfection and morality improvement are fundamental for college life. When General Secretary Xi Jinping was having a forum with the faculty and students of Peking University, he said, “one cannot be useful unless he/she understands moralities, abides by civic moralities, and restrain his/her personal behaviors.” It profoundly expounds the importance of self perfection and morality improvement. The content of self perfection and morality improvement is very rich. In my opinion, the following four points are crucial for you. My first point is that you should love our country. This is fundamental for self perfection and morality improvement. Our country has a history of over 5,000 years with countless predecessors for us to be proud of and to learn from. Without a powerful country, there will be no dignity, no happiness or career for us citizens. In fact, loving your country is also loving yourselves. Personal career and value cannot be achieved unless you join your own fate with the country’s. My second point is that you should be responsible. We are born with responsibilities, responsibilities for yourself, your parents, your family and your society. As a student, finishing your study and growing into an outstanding person with talents and morality is your responsibility. It is essential because it bears not only your parent’s expectations but also your own career and family happiness in future. Your life will be enriched when you take the responsibilities and fight for your future bravely. Therefore, please keep your responsibilities in mind. The third thing you need is honesty. Being honest is the basic principle to be a person. It is an important foundation for people communicating with each other in society. I hope you will not be confused by the complex and fickle bad social phenomena or be tempted by profit. You should study with sincerity, never use tricks; make friends with sincerity and keep your promises; do things with sincerity and faith and be an honest person. My last point is that you should be a courteous person. Being courteous is the essential norms of behaviors. Some of you may sniff at it. Yet, in fact, the immoral behaviors on campus do not match with college students’ identity at all. For example, students swearing at each other during communication, uncivilized behaviors in class, graffiti on walls in teaching buildings, etc. Do good deed no matter how small it could be, and don't do evil no matter how tiny it seems. Let the wind of courtesy flow on campus and let contemporary college students’ spirit be seen.

My dear students, self perfection and morality improvement are in you and should be done through tiny little details. It is as natural as eating food and drinking water. It should be internalized in your heart and shown through your appearances. Please keep perfecting yourself and become a lovely, trustful, valuable and able youth needed by the country, society, university and your classmates.

Secondly, being diligent at study is your top one mission for your university life. After your 12 years of hard-studying, especially when finishing the three purgatory like high school years, you must feel relieved when passing college entrance exam and entering university. You may even have made colorful and crazy plans on how to enjoy your university life. I believe that university days are crucial period for you to learn knowledge and lay foundation. Wasting time and neglecting your studies will only change you from somebody into nobody. You may even drop out of school because of lack of credits and leave regret behind. Therefore, whether you like to hear this or not, I insist on saying the following: in university, studying is still your first mission. Talking about study, there will be no shortcut but diligence. The saying, “Diligence is the path to the mountain of knowledge, while hard working is the boat to the endless sea of learning”, is very well known. However, it is not easy to follow, for studying is hard. It’s easy to do morning reading occasionally, while to do it every day takes perseverance. It’s fresh to go self studying for once, while constantly going every day needs persistence. However, if you keep on studying diligently and making more efforts than other students, you will obtain valuable knowledge which will accompany you for the rest of your life, change your fate, lay solid foundation for your future and help you to achieve your value in life.

Dear students, please calm down and concentrate. Please cherish the desk in front of you, cherish the wonderful time in university and study diligently. Focus not only on conclusions, but also on the process. By focusing on conclusions and process, the width and depth of knowledge will be increased. Grasp the essence of knowledge, transfer knowledge into capability, focus on accumulation and study hard for your future career development.

“We cannot always stay young and we should work hard and plan in advance”. From now on, we share a common name “NEDUer”, which does not only mean honor, faith, but also mean responsibility. From now on, let’s light up dreams with passion, and create miracles with diligence. I believe, future belongs to you; success belongs to you; NEDU’s future glory belongs to you too! You will become the best, the outstanding ones in your own field for sure and have an extraordinary life in front of you.

NEDU’s Stone Buildings Approved as Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level in the 7th Batch

Recently, the State Council issued Notification on Verifying and Announcing the 7th Batch of Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level. Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level in the 7th Batch have been verified and announced. NEDU’s stone buildings is one of them.

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