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Sino-U.S. Degree Scholarship Program

Sino-U.S. Degree Scholarship Program
Northeast Electric Power University

1. Categories: full-time undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral candidates.
2. Duration and time of enrolment:
1) Duration of study for undergraduates is 4 years, postgraduates and doctoral candidates 3 years.
2) If the student does not reach the certain Chinese standard, a 1-2 year language training program is available.
3) Time of enrolment: Sept.
3. Eligibility
1) American citizen, in good health
2) Degree and age required:
  ● Applicants who apply for a bachelor degree, should have a high school diploma and under the age of 25.
  ● Applicants who apply for a master’s degree, should have a bachelor degree and under the age of 35.
  ● Applicants who apply for a doctoral degree, should have a master’s degree and under the age of 40.
3) HSK 4 or above (level 4 included), or else the applicant should take a 1-2 year Chinese language training program.
4. Scholarship: full scholarship
1) Waiver of tuition fees
2) Accommodation fee:
  ● Free accommodation provided.
  ● Accommodation subsidy provided. Approved by the university, students can choose to live off the campus. The university will provide monthly or quarterly accommodation subsidy.
   Undergraduates and postgraduates: 700 RMB/month
   Doctoral candidates: 1,000 RMB/month
3) Living allowance provided.
   Undergraduates: 2,500 RMB/month
   Postgraduates: 3,000 RMB/month
   Doctoral candidates: 3,500 RMB/month
4) Comprehensive Medical Insurance provided.
5. Application procedure:
First, apply online. (, the Agency No. of Northeast Electric Power University is 10188.)
Having successfully applied online, please send 2 hard copies of the following materials to International Students Affairs Office, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Northeast Electric Power University.
1) APPLICATION FORM FOR CHINESE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP (print online), finished in Chinese or English.
2) A notarized certificate of your highest degree is required. Languages except for Chinese and English are required to be notarized into Chinese or English translation.
3) Your transcript is needed. Languages except for Chinese and English are required to be notarized into Chinese or English translation.
4) Your study and research plan in China are required to be in Chinese or in English.
5) 2 recommendation letters from professors or associate professors in Chinese or in English are required for master’s degree and doctoral degree candidates.
6) Copy of Physical Examination Record for Foreigner is required. (Please keep the original one. The record is printed by China's health and quarantine departments, which can be downloaded at the website of CSC.) Please take the original one with you when come to China.
7) Copy of your passport is required.
Notes: 1) Application materials sent by fax will not be considered.
          2) The above application materials are non-refundable whether applicants are admitted or not.
6. Deadline for application
April 20th (date of arrival).
7. Address for sending materials
Room No. 541-1 The First Main Teaching Building, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Northeast Electric Power University, Changchun Rd. 169, Jilin City, Jilin, China.
Zip code: 132012
Tel: +86-432-64806408
Fax: +86-432-64884186
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


A five-person delegation of CHONBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY (CBNU), led by President Lee Numho, visited NEDU on Oct. 26. President Li Guoqing, Vice President Wang Jianguo met with the delegation at Academic Activity Center. Directors and deans of relevant departments and offices participated. 

CHONBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY (CBNU) is a national research university founded in 1947, located in Jeonju, Republic of Korea. As the flagship national university for the Jeollabuk-do province (Chonbuk means Jeonbuk for Jeollabuk-do), Chonbuk National University has been ranked 501–550th in the world by QS Top Universities Ranking in 2010. CBNU has grown to 15 colleges, 7 graduate schools, and 3 professional graduate schools. CBNU's Jeonju campus provides approximately 30,000 students and 2,000 faculty and staff members with educational, research and support facilities. CBNU maintains cooperative programs with international educational institutions, and more than 500 international students are enrolled in its degree programs, in addition to around 100 international researchers. 

President Li Guoqing welcomed the delegation and gave a brief introduction to NEDU. President Li Guoqing said that the two universities have many similarities between each other and we have already been discussing cooperation in the field of sports. President Li Guoqing believed that with the consistent efforts made by both sides, mutual development will be achieved. 

President Lee Numho introduced the purpose of this visit. He said that NEDU is a very good university and he would like to cooperate with NEDU. Taking sports as a starting point, President Lee Numho suggested that CBNU and NEDU further develop cooperation in the fields of international student education and teachers’ training. He offered Korean language courses for teachers from NEDU.

Both parties expressed the willing to discuss details of the cooperation and to carry out the specific cooperation plan as soon as possible. After the meeting, President Lee Numho and President Li Guoqing signed an academic exchange agreement. 

Accompanied by President Li Guoqing, the delegation walked around the campus and visited some key labs.

Mr. Timothy Johnson Honored as 2015 “Excellent Foreign Expert of Jilin Province”

Recommended by NEDU and approved by Jilin Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, Mr. Timothy Johnson, English teacher of NEDU, was honored as 2015 ”Excellent Foreign Expert of Jilin Province”. 

Mr. Timothy Johnson started working at NEDU since Sept. 2014. He teachers English majors oral English and English video-aural-oral course. He has flexible and various teaching methods and focuses on creating real language learning environment for the students. Students have learned not only the language, but also American culture. He is humorous and loved by students.

Art Exchange Exhibition of China, Republic of Korea and Japan Held at School of Arts

Co-organized by School of Arts of NEDU and Jilin Artists Association, with the theme of “Meaning•Context”, Art Exchange Exhibition of China, Republic of Korea and Japan was held at the gallery of School of Arts, NEDU on Oct. 10. 

26 Artists from China, Republic of Korea and Japan participated in this art exchange exhibition. They are college teachers and freelance painters. Types of art works exhibited include oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, watercolor, lacquer painting and Chinese brush drawing. Both freehand brushwork and meticulous painting can be found in the art works. Different regions, different cultures, different painting styles and different artistic concepts mingle and collide with each other. 

Teachers and students of NEDU have learned more about Chinese, South Korean and Japanese cultures by participating in the art exchange exhibition.

President LI Guoqing Met with Delegation Led by ZHONGREN Qin, President of Chaoyang University of Technology in Taiwan

On the afternoon of Sept. 18, delegation Led by ZHONGREN Qin, President of Chaoyang University of Technology in Taiwan visited NEDU. President LI Guoqing and Vice President WANG Jianguo met with the delegation at VIP room of academic exchange center. 

President LI Guoqing warmly welcomed the delegation led by ZHONGREN Qin, President of Chaoyang University of Technology. Meanwhile, President LI Guoqing  brifely introduced NEDU’s history and development to the delegation. He said that maintaining its specialties, making full use of its advantages in resources, overcoming geographical restrictions, NEDU aims at becoming a high level teaching and research university and strives to promote its overall competitiveness and influence. During the cconversation, President LI Guoqing expressed his hope that the two universities could communicate mutually in future and establish long-term friendship. 

Principal ZHONGREN Qin gave an introduction to Chaoyang University of Technology and other universities in Taiwan. He put forwarded a few suggestions of how they could cooperate with NEDU and he hoped that the two universities could establish long-term relations, share resources and provide support for each other. 

The two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation at academic exchange center after the meeting. 

Accompanied by Vice President WANG Jianguo and HAN Shumin, director of Taiwan Affairs Office, President ZHONGREN Qin visited the campus.

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