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Mr. Liu Yuzhu, Administrator of State of administration of Cultural Heritage visits the Stone Buildings

September 12th, a four-person delegation, led by Liu Yuzhu, Administrator of State of administration of Cultural Heritage in company of Ma Shaohong, Director of Department of Culture of Jilin Province, came to Northeast Electric Power University and visited the Stone Buildings-Important Cultural Relic Sites under state-level protection. Chairperson Li Guoqing, Vice President Li Chen met Mr. Mr. Liu Yuzhu and accompanied the delegation to the Stone buildings.

During the visit, Chairperson Li Guoqing briefed Administrator Liu Yuzhu on the Stone Buildings in aspects of historical background, cultural values, architectural features and routine maintenance work and repairs accomplished by the University. After a better understanding of the Stone Buildings’ situations, Administrator Liu Yuzhu stressed the historical and cultural value of the Stone Buildings and fully acknowledged the protection work done by Northeast Electric Power University. 

Performance by College Student Art Group of NEDU Ends Successfully

On June 7 evening, special performance by Diansheng band was held at the university hall with thousands of teachers and students as audience, which is the last part of 2016 Performance by College Student Art Group of NEDU.                                                

2016 Performance by College Student Art Group of NEDU lasts for one month, including six special performances, which are chorus, dance, sketch, drama, instrumental music and band special performances.

Appointment of NEDU President and Secretary of the Party

Dr. LI Guoqing was appointed as Secretary of the Party and Dr. CAI Guowei was appointed as President of NEDU on Apr. 22 by Jilin Provincial Party Committee Organization Department.

Closing Ceremony of 2015 NEDU Student Military Training

Closing ceremony of 2015 NEDU student military training was held in rain at eastern stadium in the morning, on May 3. Leaders of NEDU, deans of schools and departments, Deputy Secretary of the Party in charge of student affairs and other relevant leaders attended the ceremony.

Military education and training in China is a fundamental form of higher learning covering defence education. It is to promote the spirit of patriotism and improve the idea of defence, to develop good will and characters, to shape collectivism and to benefit later learning.

Academic Paper Published by NEDU Professors Nominated for ENI Award 2016

Academic paper,‘Three-Dimensional Structure of a Huadian Oil Shale Kerogen Model: An Experimental and Theoretical Study’, by Associate Prof. LIU Chunguang, Prof. GUAN Xiaohui and Prof. WANG Qing is published on Energy &Fuels, which is an international well-known journal in the field of energy and environment. According to the research results, a relatively stable Huadian kerogen three-dimensional (3D) model was proposed. Moreover, this 3D model was testified reasonablely through the match between calculated and experimental 13C NMR spectra. Based on the above research results, it has been nominated for ENI Award 2016.

The ENI Award is a prize awarded by the Italian oil and gas company ENI with the aim of encouraging better use of energy sources and increased environmental research. The strict award guidelines and the notable names on the selection committee (including Nobel laureates) make ENI a coveted award. List of ENI award winners include Nobel laureates like Harold W. Kroto and Alan Heeger.

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