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ZHANG Huanqiu, Mayor and Secretary of Jilin Municipal CPC Committee, Visited NEEPU

On May 9 afternoon, Zhang Huanqiu, mayor and secretary of Jilin Municipal CPC Committee, accompanied by heads of related departments from Jilin municipal government, visited NEEPU to follow up the science and technology park project. Li Guoqing, Chairperson of University Council, President Cai Guowei and heads of President’s Office and Department of Campus Assets and Logistic Affairs Management kept them accompanied.

Li Guoqing and Cai Guowei introduced the planned function, area and other relevant conditions of the comprehensive experiment and education center at the construction site to Zhang Huanqiu. After the introduction, Zhang Huanqiu said that we should deeply carry out the strategic cooperative agreement of ‘University-City Integration ’, give full play of the core power and crucial engine effect of NEEPU promoting the development of the West and play an important role in promoting the faster and better development of our municipal industrial system.

Zhang Huanqiu then had a look at the building façade renovation projects on the new campus and the old campus.

President CAI Guowei Met with Delegation from Kunsan National University

Delegation of Kunsan National University, including dean of International Exchange Education, dean of School of Engineering and dean of School of Production-Study Engineering, visited NEEPU on Mar. 20. President CAI Guowei met with the delegation at VIP room, academic center. Vice President WANG Jianguo, director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, head of Graduate Faculty, dean of School of Civil Engineering, dean of School of Automation and dean of School of Physical Education attended the meeting.       

President CAI Guowei warmly welcomed the delegation, and he briefly introduced the history, disciplinary characteristics and developing strategy of NEEPU to the delegation. President CAI hoped that the two universities could widen their cooperation field, based on the international cooperative program, further academic exchange and promote mutual development.

On behalf of the delegation, Lee Jaewan, dean of School of Engineering of Kusan National University, gave an introduction to Kunsan National University. He showed his willing of developing long-time friendship and cooperation with NEEPU. He also invited President CAI to visit Kunsan National University in future. 

After the meeting, Vice President WANG Jianguo had a discussion with the delegation at No. 3 meeting room of academic center and heads of related departments participated. Partial consensus was reached during the discussion on student exchange program, visiting scholar program, training plan and fees.  

Kunsan National University was founded in 1979. It is a comprehensive national university famous for its mechanics, automobile, shipbuilding, marine biotechnology, IT, new energy resources, etc. An MOU was signed by the two universities in 2016.  

Professor Mu Gang’s research group attends the 2016 Annual Meeting of National Key Basic Research and Development Program (973 Program)

On December 4th, the 2016 Annual Meeting of National Key Basic Research and Development Program (973 Program) "Fundamental Research on Energy Management and Operation Control for Smart Grid with Source-Grid-Demand Synergy” was held at South China University of Technology. Prof. Mu Gang’s research group attended and reported the annual research progress at the meeting.

"Fundamental Research on Energy Management and Operation Control for Smart Grid with Source-Grid-Demand Synergy” includes six sub-projects, which are jointly undertaken by seven institutes: Tsinghua University, Northeast Electric Power University, Zhejiang University, Hohai University, South China University of Technology, China Electric Power Research Institute and State Grid Electric Power Research Institute. The Project focuses on “Smart Grid with Source-Grid-Demand Synergy” on the basis of new challenges with power systems development and significant demand of power industry as well as new energy development.

At the meeting, Guanlin, Dean of School of Electric Power at South China University of Technology, gave a welcome speech. Li Licheng, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, extended a warm welcome to the experts and scholars presented. Chief Scientist of the Project, Prof. Zhang Boming presided over the meeting. Prof. Juping of Hohai University, Prof. Weihua of Guangxi University, Prof. Sun Hongbin of Tsinghua University, Prof. Liu Mingbo of South China University of Technology, Prof. Wan Shouxiang of Tianjin University, and more than 100 experts, scholars as well as doctoral students attended the meeting. As principal investigator of the Project one, Professor Mu Gang delivered a wonderful report for the annual work, which won high praise from the experts presented. 

Chairperson Li Guoqing’s 2017 New Year Message

Dear faculties, students, alumni and friends,

As the season of spring is gradually coming back, everything turns fresh and vibrant. At this turn of the year, I would like to extend, on behalf of the University Party Committee and Administration, my sincere greetings and new year’s wishes to all faculties and staff who are working hard, to students who are diligently pursuing their studies, to retirees who are concerned about the university’s future development, to alumni at home and abroad who always think of the University, and to leaders at all levels and friends of all circles.

The year 2016 is not only the start of the 13th 5-year Plan for the University’s development, but also an important year for continuous advance toward its goal of constructing a high-level university. In the past year, we unswervingly sustained the spirit and ideal of the University, insisted on cultivating talents, exercised our responsibility with utmost care in aspects of promoting academic exchanges, focusing on innovation, and serving the community. We strived to push forward the development of a high-level university with the practical principle of taking forceful steps and delivering tangible results. The University’s strength has been further increased, and its education capability continues to grow rapidly as well.

In the year of 2016, through making efforts in outlining a blueprint, the pace of constructing a high-level university has been accelerated continuously. The educational campaign of “studies on the theoretical and practical issues of Party building” was carried out among all the Party members. We actively arranged the 10th University Congress of the Party Representatives, which has promoted the formation of the harmonious political eco-system. We successively held work conference on discipline construction, postgraduate education and scientific research, work conference on teaching affairs, work conference on student affairs, work conference on faculty construction, work conference on informatization construction. At the conferences, we carefully studied the bottlenecks which would limit the future development of the University, and defined the roadmap and timetable for the implementation of the 13th 5-year Plan. We developed and carried out a series of supporting policies and systematic measures, fully raised the curtain of the construction of the Plan, and provided system guarantee and directions for the University's scientific development in the next few years.

In the year of 2016, our vigorous efforts have paid off. Reports of fresh successes kept pouring in. We made new breakthroughs in technological innovation. One national & local joint engineering lab was approved by NDRC. Twenty six State-level research projects will be sponsored, and annual number of national fund programs exceeds twenty for the first time. Fifteen NEEPU research achievements were recognized at the 2016 Jilin Province Science and Technology Progress Awards, and of NEEPU’s fifteen awards, two were first prize. NEEPU won the first project sponsored by National Science and Technology Academic Works Publication Fund; Gratifying results of teaching construction has been achieved. Two new majors were approved, and two Jilin Province Outstanding Teaching Group, one Jilin Province Outstanding Teacher were recognized; We promoted further cooperation with industries. NEEPU signed the cooperative agreement with China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd for constructing 5 joint laboratories such as “Green Island Miro-grid Cluster Lab”, and became a member of Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization and China Strategy Alliance on Technology Innovation for Metering Infrastructure; NEEPU students won thirty eight national awards in the contests such as China Internet Plus, China College Students “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, etc. NEEPU Longzhou Team won twenty champions, thirteen runners-ups, successfully retained the CLZT Finals champion and won a third consecutive title; According to 2017 Chinese Universities Rankings released by Chinese Universities Alumni Association, NEEPU was ranked No.177, and the University’s ranking continues to move up as well as its strength and influence.

Looking back at 2016, we all worked hard and witnessed a busy and fulfilling year in the development of NEEPU. On the journey of constructing a high-level university, we have left firm footprints, and fully demonstrated our concerted endeavor and enthusiastic outlook. Turning over a new leaf, we are looking forward to a brand new 2017 and the new blueprint and visions depicted by the 10th University Congress of the Party Representatives. We'll further emancipate our mind, continue to forge ahead with full enthusiasm and high spirits and make joint efforts to open a new chapter in the University's development. Let us work together to accomplish our great goal of constructing high-level teaching and research oriented university.

May our country always be prosperous! Wish NEEPU a brighter future! Wish faculties, students, alumni and friends every success, good luck and happiness in the New Year!


Signing ceremony for constructing joint laboratories with China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. held at NEEPU

A twenty-person delegation, led by Yu Jianguo, Vice Chief Engineer, Director of Technology Department of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. (CSG) and Yin Jian, Vice General Manager of Hainan Power Grid Co., Ltd. visited Northeast Electric Power University (NEEPU) on December 12th. A signing ceremony for constructing joint laboratories with CSG was held at NEEPU. Chair of University Council Li Guoqing, President Cai Guowei, Vice President Wang Jianguo, heads of offices and schools concerned, faculty and student representatives attended the signing ceremony. Vice President Wang Jianguo presided over the ceremony.

At the ceremony, President Cai Guowei extended a warm welcome to the CSG leaders for their visit to Northeast Electric Power University. He said that CSG has been providing their concern and great support to the university’s development, and the signing ceremony for constructing joint laboratories is a crucial step to promoting collaborative innovation and common development through bringing into full play their respective advantages. He hoped that it will not only inspire faculty and students’ enthusiasm and innovative spirits for scientific research and improve their innovative capabilities, but also push the cooperation between the two sides to a new stage and yield fruitful results.

On behalf of Northeast Electric Power University, Qin Li, Director of Office of Technology Industry, signed cooperative agreements respectively with Hainan Power Grid Co., Ltd., Guizhou Power Grid Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau.

Chair of University Council Li Guoqing noted that Northeast Electric Power University will achieve its rapid development in the 13th Five-Year Plan period through four strategic initiatives: strengthening talents cultivation, promoting innovation-driven development, highlighting education features and enhancing opening-up and cooperation. He said that the University attaches great importance to opening-up and cooperation, and today’s cooperation between NEEPU and CSG is a new starting point and will open a new chapter in the development of the University. He hoped that NEEPU and CSG will strengthen effective cooperation as well as joint innovation in an all-round and profound way so as to promote mutual progress and development.

Vice Chief Engineer Yu Jianguo pointed out that the agreements signed by both sides take the cooperation to a new level. He said that CSG highly values technological innovation and talents cultivation and CSG is willing to strengthen the cooperation with NEEPU as well as make full use of NEEPU’s advantages in the aspects of talents, intelligence and technological innovation so as to improve CSG’s strength and achieve its sound development.

After the ceremony, Vice Chief Engineer Yu Jianguo and the delegation members visited some laboratories in company of the University leaders, listened to related briefings, gained an intimate knowledge of latest advance in the fields of scientific research and further exchanged with professional technicians. 

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