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Department of Party and Administration

  • President’s Office
  • Department of Party Organization/Department of the United Front Work/Party School
  • Public Relations Department
  • Commission for Administrative Procedure/Department of Supervision and Auditing
  • Department of Student Affairs
  • University Labor Union
  • Youth League Committee
  • Teaching Affairs Office
  • Department of Scientific & Technological Research and Application
  • Office of Rejuvenation
  • Human Resources Department
  • Department of Planning and Finance
  • Department of Campus Assets and Logistic Affairs Management
  • Department of Admissions and Student Employment
  • Security Department
  • Armed Forces Department
  • Department of Retired Staff Services
  • Alumni Association
  • Archive Establishment
  • Informationization Office
  • Partisan Office
  • Graduate Faculty/Office of Degree and Curriculum Development
  • Office of International Cooperation and Exchange
  • National University Sci-Tech Park
  • Party Committee


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